Man Attacked By Pit Bull While Helping Dog's Owner

"People just don't realize what a dog will do," David Scarbourough says.

Now Scarbourough does, and he has the wounds to prove it. It all started Sunday afternoon on Saucier's Tuxachanie Trail.

"I was running through the trail and I looked down and there was a cell phone on the ground," he says.

Hoping to find its owner, Scarbourough picked up the phone and pressed on. He saw a man in the distance and asked him if the phone was his.

"He turned around and he had a pretty big pit bull with a leash. And the man says, 'yes, thank you,' and walks up to me," Scarbourough says.

"I handed him the cell phone. He said, 'thank you.' When I turned, the dog grab my inner thigh. I started hitting the dog, the dog let go and grabbed my small finger. When it happened, of course, I jerked my hand. It pulled my fingernail off."

Scarbourough says he's been around dogs his entire life. That one, he says, was trained to be aggressive.

"If you feel like the dog was going to bite you, you'll know it. The hair will raise up on its back. The tail, the posture, the head, the look. This dog never did anything," he says. "Almost makes you feel like it was trained to do that."

Scarbourough says a viscous dog in a public place can be deadly.

"The big thing that really made me mad was that this is a trail for kids and everybody walking down it. If that dog would have grabbed a small child, it would have killed them."

Now Scarbourough will spend the next month at home keeping a close eye on his wounds. He says he doesn't want the situation to get any worse.

"Doctor says if it closes up and gets infected, I could loose my leg."

Scarbourough says he doesn't know just yet if he will press charges against the dog's owner.

The dog is being quarantined for the next ten days. Scarbourough says it didn't have a rabies tag.