Plenty Of Names In Gulfport Mayoral Race

The political posturing is underway to determine who will succeed Gulfport Mayor Ken Combs.

Gulfport voters will choose from among ten candidates. And with a field that large, name recognition is critical.

Signs of the political season are popping up at intersections and front yards throughout Gulfport. Candidates want voters to remember their name. But how many of the ten mayoral candidates can you recall?

"Oh, there's quite a few of them," said one woman, when asked to name the candidates running for mayor.

"Billy Hewes I know," she said, "and Steve Dickerson," she then added.

"Brent Warr. Billy Hewes. Carol Lynn Meadows. And I can't remember who else," said another female voter. She didn't realize that Carol Lynn Meadows was talked about, but decided not to run for mayor.

"Gene Warr. I mean Brent Warr, Brent Warr," said another voter.

"Steve Dickerson is also running. But that's about all I know, honestly," she said.

There will be plenty of political name dropping between now and election day. The candidates are counting on voters remembering just one name at the ballot box.

"Uh, it's not Mayor Short, I know that," said one man.

"Uh, Brent Warr and gosh, I forgot the lady's name. Isn't there a lady too?", one voter wondered aloud.

"Steve Dickerson. I think Billy Hewes," said another voter.

"I have no idea who's running," one man admitted.

It seems that all of the candidates need to work on name recognition.

By the way, those wanting to be Gulfport's next mayor include Republicans Steve Dickerson, Billy Hewes, Brent Warr, Kim Stewart and Kim Savant, along with Democrats Clyde Williams, Howard Page, Gary Simpson, Charles Walker and Independent, C.N. Daughdrill.