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Day Camp Kids Learn Military History

The place that prepares thousands of soldiers for war is giving Mississippi children a better appreciation of America's armed forces.

Camp Shelby's military museum hosts an education program called "Victory through History".

Kids are finding new respect for those who wear the uniform.

It looked a bit like an elementary school art class, but the kids at Camp Shelby's armed forces museum are on a military inspired mission. Two dozen day campers will spend three days learning about the armed forces.

"We've been learning about Army and Vietnam. And been doing arts and crafts and a whole lot of stuff," said fifth grader, James Bardwell.

"Y'all are doing a good job. Very good," an adult volunteer said, as she encouraged the group.

Melissa Koski is the educator for the Armed Forces Museum.

"Our kids are making cards for soldiers who are here at Camp Shelby. We're going to put them in their mail boxes and then they're just cards of thank you in appreciation for their service," she explained.

The day camp will teach them more about America's military past. They spent the morning with an Army Ranger who served in Vietnam.

Austin Craft was impressed.

"We learned about the Vietnam War and the kind of clothes they wore. And why they wore that kind of clothes and what kind of food they ate," said the fifth grader.

"It's pretty cool and it sounds like a neat job to do," added 11 year old Julia Watkins.

Many of these South Mississippi children have parents or other family members on active military duty. The experience at Camp Shelby should strengthen an already instilled respect for those who serve.

Madison Woodard said she'd like to share a simple message with the soliders now serving our country.

"God bless you and your family," the first grader said.

Along with this week's experience, Camp Shelby will host several similar day camps at the musem this summer.

By Steve Phillips

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