Experts: Safe nursery, safe sleep saves babies

Experts: Safe nursery, safe sleep saves babies

WLOX - The nursery should be a safe, relaxing environment for your infant. To ensure your baby will remain safe as he or she grows, here are some important tips from US Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Safe Nursery" booklet.

First and foremost, the crib. More infants die every year in accidents involving cribs than with any other nursery product. All wrapping materials should be eliminated, all crib hardware should be securely tightened and checked frequently. And it's never a good idea to buy a used crib.

Also, bumper pads. Some places across the country have already banned the use of bumper pads after an increase in infant deaths due to suffocation. A recent study from the Journal of Pediatrics shows as many as 80 deaths were attributed to crib bumpers in the last 30 years. Though there is no official ban on bumpers if you choose to use them, make sure they are secured tightly. There should be no excess ties hanging around the crib.

And remember - babies should always sleep on their backs on a firm, flat mattress. No soft bedding should be used under your baby and the crib should be free of toys.

Never put your crib next to a window. Drapes, blinds, and their chords can pose a major strangulation hazard.

Following these important safety tips can help your child grow up happy, healthy, and ready to learn.

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