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Part II: Jason "The Kid" Knight sees daylight in his first UFC fight in Vegas on Friday


Jason "The Kid" Knight has been a fighber most of his life even before he started competing in Mixed Martial Arts.

"I started when I  was 14, "stated Knight.  "I was just a bad kid that stayed in trouble 24/7.  I'd fight you if you looked at me wrong.  And MMA was a way to do that without getting in any type of trouble."

Knight says if it wasn't for Mixed Martial Arts he most likely would be doing prison time.  

Instead he's banged out a 16-1 MMA record and gets a chance to shock the UFC world when he battles veteran UFC fighter Tatsuya Kawajiri of Japan Friday night. 

Tatsuya has 34 wins under his belt in 44 fights, ranked No. 13 in the UFC Featherweight Division.
Even though Knight took this bout as a last minute replacement, Jason says he's confident he can get the job done.

"I think I can beat him, "said Knight.  "I've seen him fight.  I've seen plenty of his fights and studied on on the guy.  He's really tough, going to te hard to beat.  But he's got a lot of hole's in his game and I think I'll be able to capitalize on that."

He added, "There's no other goal besides making it to be a champion.  If I don't get that, I'll never have to live with the regret whether or not I made it.  I'm going to push myself and if I get to be the champion one day, that's going to be great.  If not, that's O.K. with me."

Atlas Fights and Alan Belcher MMA want to thank all of the supporters behind the success of Jason Knight and have invited everyone to stop by Tailgater's Sports Bar and Grill in Biloxi this Friday to watch Knight make his UFC debut.

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