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Firefighter Injured In Friday Latimer Fire Tells His Story

One of the many firefighters responding to the T and N Feed and Hardware store fire was Lyle Crandall III.

"When we went in, the most I could see was some kind of fertilizer being burned,"Crandall says,"I started to get burnt around here were my mask meets and where my gloves were meeting. I told the guy we needed to get out of there before I ended up like my dad."

His dad, Lyle Crandall, Jr., was badly injured in a house fire last December.

Crandall says it's because his father stayed in the house too long.

"The whole time I was there, I was thinking about the night my dad got burned and what would happen to me if we stayed in there any longer than we did."

That's when Crandall decided to get out of the building.

"Something behind or on the side of me caught on fire and the wind blew the smoke right in my face. Right when it did that, I took a big breath inside and sucked everything in,"Crandall says.

Crandall say he doesn't remember much after that.

"They said they drug me over there when someone sounded the air horn for everyone to get out, I don't remember that."

Crandall was then rushed to the hospital with smoke inhalation.

Lucky for him an inhaler is all he needs to fully recover

By: Jaimee Goad

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