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Local Pharmacist Reacts To Medicaid Crisis

On this first day that Mississippi's Medicaid Program is officially broke, how we got here and how to fix it was the number one topic of conversation with nearly every one of Pharmacist Woody Gamble's customers.

"We're supposed to be taking care of patients based on faith that we're going to get paid," Gamble explains to an elderly customer. "If you've ever run a business, faith don't pay bills."

Despite Medicaid's current insolvency, Gamble and his staff are honoring Governor Barbour's plea to all Medicaid providers, to continue delivering service to patients until the a funding solution is finally reached.

But he doubts other Pharmacy's will be so responsible.

"There will be different types of pharmacies out there that won't do it because they're not independently owned, says Gamble. "They're owned by corporations, and I'm sure those corporations aren't going to fill prescriptions based on faith, and those patients are the one's I'm worried about. Where are they going to go. What are they going to do."

And he's not happy with the Governor or lawmakers for putting political differences ahead of the welfare of his patients.

"They are my neighbors and my friends and my fellow human beings and ethically I will not allow them to die because Medicaid is not funded through the ineptness and the inability and the apathy of our Legislative body."

Gamble feels assured that Medicaid will eventually be funded, but he hopes his customers never forget this day especially on election day.

By Don Culpepper

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