Mayor Pushes On With Project

"I think that we have come to an agreement to keep the discussion going to try to come to a resolution on the project."

That is just part of what Ocean Springs Mayor Seren Ainsworth told the Board of Alderman after his meeting on Monday with the five agencies that are involved with the proposed soccer complex on the east end of town. Mayor Ainsworth says he's pleased with the way the private meeting went and that both sides were at a stalemate and something had to be done to break that stalemate. But, as a board, this group is frustrated with the three year process that its gone through with these agencies.

Alderman at Large Danny Jalanivich says, "It's strictly my opinion that these agencies have a conspiracy to stop this project, I'm going to wait two more weeks and see what happens and over these next two weeks whether it's positive or negative will tell me which direction I need to go with this conspiracy."

Ward six alderman John Gill says, "When you look along the coast and you see business, industry and other subdivisions developing on top of wetlands, and us as a municipality can't do the same that they're doing something's wrong."

Mayor Ainsworth told the Board that he felt the meeting was positive and that talks are continuing but board members may not be as patient as the mayor because of other projects they see on the coast getting approval by these same agencies.

Ward five Alderman Greg Denyer told the other members of the board and the residents that showed up to the Alderman's meeting that this project is about making compromises. "Folks we're not putting a Wal-Mart, we're not putting a housing project, we're putting 4 soccer fields, 4 softball fields, and a rock flow through parking area."

The mayor says, "I think we have moved forward in the process and as everyone knows it's for the children and families of the city of Ocean Springs."