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Hardware Store Fire Sends Volunteer Firefighter To Hospital

It was a fire that required teamwork from across South Mississippi.

Dozens of emergency responders were called to help fight the flames at the T and N Feed and Hardware Store.

Authorities say it started shortly before five, bringing rush hour to a halt.

Those who saw it, stopped to watched.

"I panicked. I parked in the median and took off running. I was just worried that they were hurt," Marianne Scarbourough says.

Scarbourough was worried about her friends and store owners, the Tiners.

"They've been there for a long time and they are awesome people,"Scarbourough says.

The Tiner's were lucky. They were able to escape.

However, Jackson County Civil Defense Director Butch Loper says putting out the flames could take all night.

"It's hard to say, maybe two, two and half hours, then we're going to have to do some de-con work after that. We may be here rather late tonight,"Loper says.

De-contamination work, because like most hardware stores this one sold hazardous materials like pesticides and aerosol paints.

"It could be very dangerous,"Loper says.

"As we were getting closer and closer there was actually something blowing up and blowing towards us. We don't know what it was," Firefighter Romualdo Ramirez says as he leaves the fire, "Metal conducts heat and it's hot, but you can actually get a sunburn from how hot that was."

The heat and toxins mixed together meant people in area had to go.

"We have people trying to evacuate the hotel right here, we've evacuated waffle house, the Texaco. As you can see there's fire right there, we're trying to get it away from the Texaco station," Ramirez says.

More back up crews are on call as crews let the store burn down.

They say there's no saving it now.

By Jaimee Goad

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