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Mother Fears The Worst In Teen's Disappearance

Friday marks one week since a Pascagoula boy went missing. Jacob Sigalas, 14, was last seen last Friday night in Gautier.

Although he disappeared without trace, investigators say it doesn't appear Sigalas ran away.

Sigalas' mother Sonya Bartholomew agrees with the investigators. She says she dropped her son off to visit friends at a local business.

"My son called his little girlfriend at 10:30 Friday night."

Bartholomew says her son's girlfriend was the last to talk to him. But the phone call was cut short when the line was disconnected. His girlfriend called back and said someone else answered.

"The second call, the people had told her that they knocked him the f*** out."

Because of the call, Bartholomew started doing some investigating on her own. She says she found a sock near the place he was last seen.

"I know it's his. I know. It's got the smell of the spray that he uses for his feet in it. The sock was rolled up when I found it. It looked like they were dragging him."

Sigalas' cousin is putting up missing signs, hoping it could draw attention to the teen's disappearance.

Bartholomew says she wants to hear that her son's okay, but she fears it's not the case.

"I feel in my heart that my son's dead. I just want him home so I can put him to rest."

Gautier investigators say they have no evidence that any foul play took place. They say they have interviewed a few people in connection with the disappearance.

If you have any information regarding Jacob Sigalas' whereabouts, please contact the Gautier Police Department at 497-2486.

by Jaimee Goad

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