Jackson County Recovers Money From Presley Embezzlement

Three years after allegations of embezzlement against Jackson County's former Chancery Clerk the county has a little more of its money back. Lynn Presley was convicted on several counts of embezzlement, bribery and money laundering and is now serving a ten year sentence.

The criminal cases are over but investigators are still trying to recover some of the taxpayer's money Presley took. Today the FBI along with the State Auditor's office returned more than $87,000 to Jackson County residents. FBI agents seized the money from two investment accounts used in a kickback scheme from a Florida company to both Lynn Presley and Donald Hearn Senior the Former Land Appraiser. It's the latest money recovered from the Presley case.

So far more than $350,000 has been returned to taxpayers. Officials today said returning the money, shows state and federal agents are committed to restoring public trust. "We will not stop until every dollar is recovered even if it takes years to do so. But we are trying to be sensitive to the fact that people have heard enough about the Lynn Presley case but its not over till its over," said State Auditor, Phil Bryant.

And this might not be the last check Jackson County receives. The FBI is working on getting another $67,000 from a frozen account in the Caymen islands.