Coast Enjoys Unusually Cooler Weather

Wednesday started off on an unusally chilly note.  For instance, the temperature in Lucedale was only 38 degrees.  The normal low for that date is 60 degrees.

The Zell family came all the way from Alexandria, Louisiana, to enjoy the beach in Biloxi. But Mother Nature put a dent in their plans. Melanie Zell says they wanted to swim in the water and play in the sun, but it's a bit cold for her blood. Zell had to buy a sweatshirt to keep warm.

Others didn't mind the change in temperatures. Faren Graham thought it was a perfect day to take her newborn son for a walk along the boardwalk. Graham says it was cool in the morning, so she waited until later on the afternoon to begin her exercise.

People who spend a lot of time on the beach aren't the only ones who appreciate the cooler temperatures. For people who spend a lot of time working outdoors in the heat and humidity, the cooler weather offers them a nice break.

Dale Lowery is replacing the trim on a house on Popps Ferry Road. He looks forward to days like Wednesday, when cooler weather makes working outdoors a bit more bearable. Lowery says most of the time, it feels much hotter.  He says it's one of those strange things that happens on the Coast. Lowery says he's taking advantage of the nice day, and wishes it would stay like this all year round.

By: Trang Pham-Bui