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Muslim activist asks to postpone ‘Allah is Satan’ debate

(Photo Source: WLOX) (Photo Source: WLOX)

Members of the Muslim community have asked to postpone a scheduled debate with the pastor of a Gulfport church.

The debate was supposed to take place this Saturday night. It was announced after the pastor of the Cowan Road Baptist Church, Chris Ashley, posted a controversial message on the church's marquee. That sign read, "Jesus is God. Allah is Satan."

Atlanta resident and member of the Muslim community, Bilal ibn Jimmy Stroud, called the sign offensive and bigoted and challenged the pastor to a debate. But Monday, Stroud decided to delay the debate because he feels it would be in poor taste to hold such a heated discussion in December, so close to the Christmas celebration.

Despite the postponement, Ashley told WLOX News he still plans to hold a debate at the church on Saturday. Ashley will now be debating with Dawud Salaam who is a member of the Muslim community.  

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