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Humane Society hosts successful Black Fur-Day

Due to demand, deals will also be offered on Saturday. (Photo source: WLOX News) Due to demand, deals will also be offered on Saturday. (Photo source: WLOX News)

Along with the frenzy of holiday shopping at retail centers, the Humane Society of South Mississippi hosted its own version of Black Friday.

"We are hosting Black Fur-Day. All adoptions for all animals are $15 with a $5 tag fee, and that's no exclusions,” said Maren Slay, of the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

The attractive offer was incentive enough for hundreds of animal lovers to visit the Humane Society the day after Thanksgiving.

Peggy Cain says she's been wanting another dog. When she went to check out the Black Fur-Day deals, she found a friendly, black terrier to call her own. 

“I got it through my e-mail. And I was originally going to get a little dachshund, but they don't have any. But I found a good dog anyway,” Cain said.

For the Abreu family, it was love at first sight with Lilly.

“We're all very timid. We've never really had a family dog. We wanted a dog we wouldn't be scared of. And she didn't bark and she didn't jump and we just fell in love with her instantly,” said Sheryl Abreu, whose kids couldn't be happier.

The shelter offers several opportunities to get-to-know your potential new family member.

“Get the animal out, let them do a meet and greet. See how they fit. We also offer slumber parties, so if you'd like to take your animal home and have a sleepover with them and see how it works out, you're more than welcome to do that too,” noted Slay.

“If I had all the acres in the world, we would take home every dog here.  Because that is just our family,” said Genesis James, whose family just moved to South Mississippi from Utah.  “...As long as it fits our family, it doesn't matter. That's all we care about,” she said.

Due to overwhelming demand, Black Fur-Day adoption deals will continue through Saturday. 

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