Pascagoula Shipyard Pays Tribute To Slain Employee

The sounds of work ceased Thursday at the Northrup Grumman shipyard where Don Eddins worked.

As Eddins was being laid to rest in Theodore, Alabama, silence reigned at the Pascagoula shipyard. While his immediate family was saying goodbye, his second family was also honoring the man they called "friend and co-worker."

As a member of the Quality Assurance Department, Don Eddins was known by thousands of people throughout the shipyard. Thursday, those who know Eddins reflected on the man they say made work a truly great place to be.

"Bubba was a happy, jovial person, but focused at getting the job done. He was responsible and will be missed by all of Quality," Steve Denmark said.

"He was a good person. He was a good worker, a hard worker. Seemed like a good family man. He was always happy and fun to be around. He'll be sadly missed," Leroy Case said.

Even workers like Melvin Washington, who didn't know Eddins, say they've been affected by his death.

"My heart goes out to his family and for their loss and definitely for the shipyard family here. He had a lot of friends that knew him," Washington said.

Those who knew Don 'Bubba' Eddins say they were shocked by news of the shooting, but even more so that someone would want to harm someone so friendly.

"You never think it could happen in your workplace," Anthony Faggard said.

Eddins' co-workers say they kept him in their prayers as he fought for his life.

"We monitored his condition all the way through. We stayed informed, just saddened by the outcome," Faggard said.

When the whistle sounded for the last time, work resumed, just as Don Eddins would have wanted it to.

"I know Bubba would be focused and we must keep our focus on building quality ships," Denmark said.

The case against the man charged with shooting Eddins could go before a grand jury as soon as next week.