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MS Power: Low fuel costs could mean reduced power bills


Mississippi Power now has two different requests in front of the Mississippi Public Service Commission, and they both impact your power bill in dramatically different ways. 

Monday, we learned lower fuel costs mean the power company can reduce your monthly power bill. That decrease could be more than $13 a month. 

If the PSC signs off on this decrease, you’ll see the reduction in your February power bills.

“Customers are receiving direct benefits from our ability to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity from a flexible fuel portfolio,” said Anthony Wilson, Mississippi Power president.

At the same time, the PSC is reviewing what rate Mississippi Power customers should be charged for the Kemper County lignite plant. 

A deal negotiated by the power company and the public utilities staff sets the Kemper rate between 13 and 15 percent.  Since August, you’re monthly bill has included an 18 percent charge for that plant. 

The PSC votes on the Kemper rate next week.

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