Spring Breakers Work Up A Sweat In South Mississippi

Instead of pounding beach balls, and slicing through the waves on a surf board, some college students are breaking a sweat on their spring break working instead of playing.

Halley Perrupato said "Anybody can go to the beach. Anybody can have a relaxing time. But I think this is so much more fulfilling".

Halley Perrupato and 16 fellow college students traveled all the way from Chester, Pennsylvania to Gulfport to hammer away on a new Habitat for Humanity house.

Laura Stashefski organized the trip.  She said "As for nailing, I'm still not too great at it. I hold things very well though, but they teach you everything".

Besides donating their time and talents, the students actually raised money or paid out their own pockets to fund the trip.

Aswin Matthew said "This year, I decided to take a break from going out, and trying to enjoy the college spring break. I wanted to actually help someone and make a difference".

The students are helping to build a foundation of hope for a South Mississippi family.

Halley said "It means so much working on this house for a family. It means a new life for them, a total turnaround".

But, the guys and gals will tell you, they feel just as blessed.

Stashefski said "I'm getting a lot of new friendships. There's always something going on here. You can only do so much in Cancun, but I think this is a lot more worthwhile".

The students are currently staying at William Carey College in Gulfport and will head home on Friday. Next week, students from Texas and Minnesota will arrive to continue working on the same house.

By: Trang Pham-Bui