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Computer trouble stalls car tag sales in Hancock Co.


The computers are down in Hancock County, and it will take more than rebooting to get county business up and running again. Hancock County supervisors will hold a special meeting Tuesday to consider quotes to purchase a new computer system after an apparent lightning strike and power surge last week damaged the computer network.

Tax assessor Jimmie Ladner said county IT experts and contractors have been working, trying to make repairs. However, it appears the system installed after Hurricane Katrina is beyond repair.

“The good news is we have lost no data. No county information is lost,” Ladner said.

Without computers, the county cannot sell car tags, issue marriage licenses or collect taxes because the county cannot connect to the state data base.

“Last week, we turned away 50 to 100 people a day wanting to by car tags. We're getting more phone calls than people walking in the door, because word is getting out that the system is down. It's an aggravation we regret for our folks,” Ladner said.

The computer glitch should not have spoiled any wedding plans. Unlike car tags, which must be purchased where you live, Lander said state marriage licenses can be obtained in another county and the wedding still take place in Hancock County.

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