1894 Flag Supporters Show Up At Polling Places

Some of the supporters of the 1894 state flag championed their cause until the very end. The Sons of Confederate Veterans set up flag displays and petition drives in front of several voting precincts in Gulfport on Tuesday.

Charles Uren said "Instead of 50 steps we took 56 large steps. So 're actually about 168 feet away from where we should be."

The law says anyone campaigning must stay 150 feet away from the polling place. The Sons of Confederate Veterans obeyed that law. Many of the voters making their way to the precinct doors seemed unfazed by their presence.

"I suppose their the legal limit back and it wouldn't bother me is both sides were out here," said Tom Daniels.

But others found the 1894 flag supporters unwelcome.

Louise Slaton said "It doesn't bother me as well where I won't come voter but it might a few people. Some of the elderly..the senior citizens."

The Son's of Confederate Veterans insist that were theret to show their support for the state flag and they say that anyone who says they were theere to intimidate is wrong.

"I don't see intimidation," said Robert McLaurin. "I think it's very appropriate. We are a Republic and thankfully our legislature gave everyone in Mississippi the opportunity to vote."

Many of the people voting told WLOX News that they don't expect the displays to have much of an effect on the election since most people know how they are going to vote before they get to the polls.

by Danielle Thomas