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Biloxi considers regulations on concerts at MGM Park


MGM Park has events lined up well into next year. But some changes could be on the horizon for how late these events can last and how loud they can be. Last week's Flo Rida concert went well into the night and some Biloxi residents are not happy.

"Yea I live three miles away from MGM park and they have a concert there tonight. It's 11:30 at night and this is really keeping half of Biloxi awake," said a resident, who did not want to be identified. That was a voice mail WLOX received the night of the Flo Rida concert at MGM park.

The caller joined a handful of others who reached out to WLOX and the City of Biloxi to complain about the duration of the concert and its loudness.

"It's ridiculous. If they can't turn this down then the concerts need to stop," said a resident, who did not want to be identified.

The City of Biloxi is responding to the complaints by looking at how they can make sure they don't impede on residents in the area.

"What we are doing though is drafting a policy that will govern the events going on over at the stadium," said Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel.

However, not everyone saw the concert as a problem. Dennis Burke lives three blocks from the stadium and said he hardly ever hears noise coming from MGM Park.

"Me and my wife went to sleep early Friday and we woke up on Saturday and commented that we didn't hear anything from the concert," said Dennis Burke.

And Burke isn't the only one. Bobbie Lewis lives on Lameuse Street and said although he can sometimes hear stadium noise from his yard, it's never overbearing.

"It don't be nothing out of the ordinary for this area. It's a tourist area." Bobbie Lewis said.

And the tourist aspect is something the city hopes residents can be understanding of.

"All along we said this is not just a baseball stadium, this is an entertainment venue. It's designed to attract people to our downtown area," said Creel.

The city said the policy it's drafting will include a curfew and limits on decibel levels. City officials said the policy will have flexibility for some events such as baseball, where games can go long.

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