Truck Drivers Watch Diesel Prices Rise

The rising cost of crude oil continues to fuel price hikes at the gas pump. Nationwide, the average price for a gallon of unleaded is fast approaching $2.00.

Diesel prices have already passed the $2.00 a gallon barrier and are headed even higher.

Imagine spending $400-500 for a fill up. Truck drivers are definitely feeling the pain at the pumps.

"Freight's real low. Fuel prices are too high. I don't know how we can expect to survive out here," said Florida trucker, Benny Garza.

Drivers who work for companies know their bosses are taking a hit with higher diesel prices. It's even tougher for independent drivers.

"I'm an owner-operator. And it's kind of hard to survive on fuel prices like this," said Garza.

Like unleaded gas, diesel prices vary around the country.

"Here in Gulfport, I've seen it's about the lowest in the country. Or one of the lowest," said truck driver, Dwight Nelson.

But while $2.02 a gallon here may be a bargain, there are plenty of places where it's closer to $2.50.

"California, the Northeast, the Midwest and the Northwest it's just ridiculous," Nelson said.

Truck drivers used similar words when questioned about the soaring prices at the pump: words like price gouging and greed.

"Big corporations going to get all they can get because they know we've got to have it," said Georgia trucker, Sam Cochran.

Cochran's company is fighting back by avoiding the highest priced areas.

"We're going to quit running out west until the fuel drops back down," he said.

There's no immediate relief in sight for truckers. Diesel prices are expected to continue a slow rise for at least the next week.