Flotilla aids in search for plane pieces, missing men

Flotilla aids in search for plane pieces, missing men

Emergency responders are not the only ones working to locate the men missing from the plane that crashed in Jackson County.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department Flotilla took to the water again Thursday with three boats to aid in the search. The flotilla has been around for decades, and is made up entirely of volunteers.

The volunteers say they gladly give of their time when it means bringing comfort to families with lost loved ones.

"If this would be part of my family that's missing, I would want somebody to look for them," says Flotilla member Sonny Webb. "I've been doing this for about 40 years. We don't get paid for it but we get paid when we get closure for the family."

"These are civilians who volunteer their time, who have great experience in search and rescue in the waterways," says Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell. "They are guys and gals that stay there when everybody else has gone home. The really work hard and have been a long time support group of the sheriff's office and we really appreciate the service that they do."

Volunteers from Gulf Coast Search and Rescue also lent a hand in the search.

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