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Home should be the center of learning for young children

If you have three or four year olds, chances are they are enrolled in some sort of childcare program. And while they are learning valuable lessons in that social classroom setting, it's important that we, as parents, remember the real center of learning is in the home. The folks at Excel by 5 have created a checklist for making your home the center of learning for young children:

- Does your home look like children live in it? Is your child's artwork displayed on the wall or refrigerator?
- Do you spend time reading to your children every day?
- Do you play word and vocabulary building games with your children during short trips around town or at home during bath time?
- Do you give them new experiences with trips around town or even out of town?
- How about asking children questions to engage them in conversation.
- Do you provide your children with paper, pencils, and crayons so they can draw and write about things that they see and feel?
- Do you treat other family members with respect and, if disagreements arise, handle them in a non-violent manner?
- Do you explain to your children when you make a mistake so they will know it is okay for them to mess up, too?

If you'd like to learn more about how parents can be more involved with their toddler's education, just click here.

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