Work On Pascagoula Bridge Slightly Ahead Of Schedule

Everyday more than 19 concrete trucks are emptied out, to build the massive piling that will support the new high rise bridge.

"These big footings take anywhere from 12 to 14 hours to pour," project manager Chuck Faggard said. "So people will see us a lot of times with concrete trucking in the morning and finishing at night."

Over the last year, construction crews have worked hard not to interfere with traffic flow and plan to keep two lanes open during rush hour for the second year.

"I think the traffic situation has been going real good. We have been providing everybody with at least two lanes of traffic to keep them moving."

Crews are working on the second highest span. Work starts on the highest point in about three weeks. When it's done it will be more than 80 feet off the ground.

"It's been hectic, really hectic. It's supposed to be 29 percent complete, and we are at 48 percent complete."

Still, Faggard says they're not really ahead of schedule. He says work will start to slow down once crews start laying down the deck of the bridge. If good weather holds out, crews will start decking the bridge in about three months and hope within a year to have solid surface all the way across the river.

Marine traffic on the Pascagoula River has not really been impacted by the construction. Vessels might run into some minor delays in a few months when crews install the beams that will cross over the ship channel.