Plane crash victim's wife: "You wake up one day, and it's your tragedy."

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Relatives of three missing men could only watch and wait as search teams spent hours combing the waters for another day in the area where a small plane went down on Monday.

Tina Cook's husband 58-year-old Dexter Brewer of Saucier was a passenger on the plane. Cook says she begged her husband not to get on the flight.

"I got up and I said, 'This is not a good day for flying,'" said Cook.
As Marine Patrol boats searched the Mississippi Sound looking for plane wreckage, Cook couldn't help but think how she woke up Monday morning with a bad feeling about her husband's business trip flight to South Carolina. Cook was so troubled by the weather conditions that she asked her husband of five years to take a commercial flight instead of going on a small plane as planned.

Cook said, "I said 'Are you sure about this?  Are you sure this is what you want to do?' He said, "It should be fine. They wouldn't be flying if it wasn't safe.'"

Cook says her husband called around noon to say his plane was about to take off and he would call her in four hours when he landed. The hours went by. The call never came.

"I called the other person's wife and she said "I'm worried sick. Something is wrong," said Cook. "So we tried to do find my iPhone. Didn't get any results from that. We didn't know what do. We didn't know who to call. So we called the other owner of the company, We called him, and he's a pilot so he knew to notify the FAA. So that's how everything got started on Monday night. But apparently they crashed eight minutes after they took off. So they were in the water all that time and nobody apparently knew it."

In her agony, Cook says reflecting on the good times brings her some comfort. She said Brewer was a native of Greene County.

"Dexter Brewer was the salt of this Earth. He was a giver, not a taker. He was a brother. A son. His parents are still alive in their 80's. He was a wonderful husband. He was a wonderful father to his children and to my child," Cook said, "It's agony. You see it all the time on television. You see people going through tragedy and you empathize with them. But you wake up one day and it's your tragedy. And it feels just like you're going though slow motion."

Cook says she would give anything to hold the love of her life in her arms again.

"I would give my life for him to be standing here right now and say 'Honey, I'm fine. You shouldn't have worried. I'm fine. I'm good;'" said Cook. "I don't think that's going to happen. I just don't think that's going to happen."

Dexter Brewer's wife says that family is praying his remains are recovered. She asks that anyone who sees anything odd in the water or along the coastline to contact authorities.

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