Museum Markets Horn Island Tours

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art will soon be offering a special package that includes a private tour of the museum, along with an excursion to Horn Island.

Anderson spent months at a time painting pictures of nature on that barrier island.

Beginning next month, museum visitors can experience what Anderson loved about Horn Island. The private excursions cost $375 for a party of six.

"We feel this is a great way for them to be introduced to the art of Walter Anderson and actually see the place that inspired it," museum director Clayton Bass said.

Before boarding a boat headed for Horn Island, visitors who purchase the tour package will enjoy a private, one-hour tour of the museum. They'll get a feel for Walter Anderson's island artwork, and see one of the wooden skiffs that he rowed 12 miles to Horn Island.

Bass says Horn Island was an essential element in Anderson's artwork.

"The last 18 years of his life were predominately spent on Horn Island, so there's a huge body of work created by this man during that period, particularly in water colors and drawings."

A growing number of museum visitors had been asking about possible side trips to Horn Island where Walter Anderson created some of his most memorable works. The museum created this new venture with those visitors in mind.

Away from the mainland, visitors can get some idea of what Anderson found so appealing about the barrier island. Horn Island offers undisturbed glimpses of Mother Nature's beauty.

The museum tour package will also be geared toward environmental education.

Caribiana Sea Skiffs is helping organize the Horn Island excursions.

"It seemed a great match to do that with the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, because here on Horn Island you have the nature of Walter Anderson's art. And your canvas becomes the sand and the wind your brush. And you can just escape and go wild," company owner Joanne McDonough said.

It's an escape that's designed with the Anderson in mind.

The museum director hopes visitors will take away a better appreciation for the island, and the artist

"I think more than anything just an enhanced love of nature and how it can inspire your daily life. And to see through the work of Walter Anderson and his writings and this beautiful place. Just how extraordinary nature can be."