Group Makes One Final Push for New Flag Before Election Day

Coast Coalition for a New State Flag says too many people outside our state struggle with conflicting images of Mississippi, and flying a flag that includes the Confederate battle emblem adds to the conflict. Gene Warr of Coast 21 says "All too often, misconceptions overshadow the economic potential and greatness of spirit which we home folks see in our state and its peoples."

Jackson County Chamber Director Terry Carter says the flag debate needs to shift from an emotional issue, to an issue of Mississippi's future.

"There are many great wonderful things that are taking place in Mississippi by Mississippians, but we fail to get credit for and the greatness of our state is not being recognized," Carter said. "So now we have an opportunity to make a difference in the image of the state of Mississippi simply by going to the polls tomorrow and voting for the new state flag."

This group says a new state flag will move Mississippi ahead economically, putting us in a more competitive business position.

"To do that we need to put our best foot forward, and one of the ways to do that is show the rest of the nation that we have indeed put our unfortunate past behind us," says Ron Peresich, a representative of the Harrison County Bar Association.

Warr speculates the flag vote could be the most important election in Mississippi in the 100 years.

"We need to really take our hearts to the poll with us," he said. "I think the opportunity and rewards of unity are greater than the perils of divisiveness."

The polls for the special statewide flag vote open at 7 a.m. Tuesday.