Resale Stores Taking Off on the Coast

Maybe it's a sign of the economy, but more and more people are buying items that used be owned by someone else. Owners of resale and consignment stores say there is a growing demand for used goods on the Coast because the prices are much lower than in retail stores. In just a little more than a year, Anna Lombard's resale store has taken off. She recently moved into a larger building to keep up with the growing demand for used clothing.

"There was a test done recently on the demand for people shopping consignments and it's grown," Lombard said. "I have people in from other cities all the time, and I hear them talk about they're growing rapidly in other cities as well as the coast"

America's Thrift Store also relocated recently. Employees say since the move business has picked up 12 percent.

"There are people who want to make their dollar stretch," assistant manager Jim Feldmeyer said. "They are people who have more money and want to use it for other things. They can come in and find quality items and make their dollars stretch."

Nancy Anderson says stretching dollars is easier when many of the items are 70 to 90 percent less than the original cost. She comes from Louisiana several times a week looking for bargains.

"I think people like the prices and the variety, and the items here are so nice," Anderson said. "Even if they're used or second hand, they're great. And you can't beat the value."

Shoppers say the costs and the variety make buying "new to you" items the way the to go.

by Danielle Thomas