Ocean Springs Group Helps Pay Injured Firefighters Expenses

"A dollar a piece." One Ocean Springs Elks Lodge member says.

Members of the Ocean Springs Elks Lodge are trying to help three men who volunteered to put their lives on the line.

"Initially it was a bit scarry," Firefighter Lyle Crandall says.

Last December volunteer firefighter Crandall along with two others rushed into this home in Latimer trying to extinguish the fire burning inside.

The intense flames nearly engulfed the three men

"From what I gather at this point, we are standing right underneath an attic latter. It gave through and let the fire come down from the attic right down on top of us," Crandall adds.

Crandall, Matt Krohn, and Aaron Keebler were able to escape, only to spend weeks in the hospital.

"I have to wear a depression suit to keep the scaring down," Krohn says.

"They did two skin graphs. They did two on my right shoulder also," Keebler says.

While the county paid for their medical bills and provided other relief funds, costs continued to accumulate.

"I didn't like to eat hospital food, so I was eating in restaurants everyday. It kind of got expensive," Krohn says.

That's where the Ocean Springs Elks Lodge comes in.

"We're hoping to be able to give to the firefighters something that will help defray some of these additional expenses they've have and we are confident that we will be successful," Event coordinator Donald Smith says.

Hundreds attended a special benefit Saturday afternoon featuring good music, good food, and great fun.

Although the firefighters say they appreciate all the effort, they say it's simply the thought that counts.

"As far as I'm concerned they don't have to give me a dime, it's just the simple fact that they recognized it,"Crandall says.

A show of support, these firefighters say will not soon be forgotten.