SRHS receives Sleep Safe approval for infant education

SRHS receives Sleep Safe approval for infant education

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The Mississippi SIDS and Infant Safety Alliance recently recognized Singing River Health System Hospitals with the Safe Sleep Approved Hospital Seal.

Now that they have received the seal of approval, the hospital system will be able to implement a program providing consistent and repetitive messages to the community. The program will provide infant sleep safety information to families before they leave the hospital with their newborns.

Diligent guidelines were followed by SRHS to receive such recognition, however, there are guidelines that must be followed to maintain approval.

All families with newborns will be required to view an educational DVD on Safe Sleep for Babies. This video will explain how to provide a safe sleep environment for babies which will in turn help reduce the risk of SIDS/SUID, Suffocation and Entrapment. This is believed to make a huge impact on the infant mortality rates in Mississippi.

Parents of infants will also be educated in safe sleep methods for their newborn, such as placing babies on their backs to sleep, having nothing in a baby's crib except a fitted sheet and firm mattress, and reiterating the need for infants to sleep alone in a crib instead of with an adult.

Direct nursing education on Safe Sleep will be provided to nurses, as well. Additionally, families will be asked to sign a voluntary commitment statement acknowledging the importance and receipt of the Safe Sleep information.

Because Mississippi has a very high infant mortality rate, Singing River Hospital System believes this program will make a difference in the lives of local babies.

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