Residents of low lying areas talk about importance of severe weather preparedness

Residents of low lying areas talk about importance of severe weather preparedness

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - As South Mississippi and the rest of the southeast continues to dry out from the winds and rain brought on by Hurricane Patricia, people are being reminded why it's important to pay close attention to the weather.

This is Fall Severe Weather Preparedness Week. People who live in low lying areas of Jackson County said they know the importance of being ready whatever blows their way.

Judy Richardson lives in Jackson County's Fountainebleau community. On Monday, she went to check to see how her neighbor's house fared during severe weather the night before..

"The wind was so high and the water got up pretty high," said Richardson. "So we just came down really to look at everything."

Central Jackson County firefighters had a busy Monday morning driving the streets looking for weather-related problems. They said, fortunately, there were no major issues other than having to pull a few cars from ditches that had driven into high water.

"The terrain down here in some areas are low so the roads do come under water. It's hard to pass," said Chief Michael Belton. "Just like this morning, before daylight, we were out running the roads making sure the buses can run the route. We had a few roads that there was water on them but it was mostly trees and debris that we moved out of the roadway so they can get the kids to school."

From flooding to brush fires, firefighters said Severe Weather Preparedness Week is a reminder to stay ready to deal with whatever situation arises.

"Here are all different types of emergencies. Doesn't matter what kind it is," said Chief Belton. "We're fortunate. We have the capability to respond. We have firemen on duty 24 hours a day and the equipment to do the job."

According to Richardson,"Living in this area, sometimes the roads can get under water, and you want to get out of here if you need to if there is a storm coming."

During Fall Severe Weather Preparedness week, MEMA will be trying to educate people on the dangers associated with severe weather, like thunderstorms, flooding, tornadoes, ice, and extreme cold.

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