Overnight storms cause traffic headaches

Overnight storms cause traffic headaches
The overnight storm caught many residents off-guard. (Photo source: WLOX News)
The overnight storm caught many residents off-guard. (Photo source: WLOX News)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Heavy overnight rainfall took its toll on South Mississippi Monday. A combination of quickly rising tide and downpours caused several road closures and traffic diversions.

Strong overnight storms typically mean lots of cleanup the following day, and recent storms were no different. Power crews made rounds at the start of the week, and city employees worked hard to remove downed trees.

Many residents along the coast made trips to their local marinas Monday morning.

"Trying to loosen the ropes up so they won't break. We've already had one of them break right here," said Biloxi resident Ben Simpson as he walked along the small marina on the Tchoutacabouffa, checking his boat's tie-downs.

According to Simpson, the storm wasn't unusual, though it did take him by surprise.

"I didn't think it would do all this," said Simpson.

The storm seemed to catch others off-guard as well. As drivers started to make their way out and about, some found their route to be cut off.

"We actually thought we might make it, but obviously we're not going to," said Bobby Seals of Ocean Springs.

Seals and his wife saw the sign saying there was deep water ahead, but they wanted to check to see if it had gone down. It hadn't, so they decided to turn around.

That's the choice that police and city officials wanted everyone to make: Turn around and find another route. But, not everyone followed the advice.

On Cedar Lake Road, the Tchoutabouffa River had risen well past its banks, but some drivers still tried to pass through the standing water.

Chevy Lacy drove into the water, but it was to help his friend who got a stuck in a sedan.

"I don't even do that in my full-size F-150," said Lacy. Lacy was able to help his friend drive safely back to dry land, but says the outcome could have been different.

"As far as this car goes. He could have lost the engine. He got lucky. It just sucked up a little bit of water and it killed it," said Lacy.

Others who tried to brave the risen waters weren't lucky enough to have a friend to help. Lacy says warning signs are put in place for a reason.

"If you go in there you're going to lose vehicles. You might even lose your life," said Lacy.

The Biloxi Police Department has reopened Cedar Lake Road, but the department continues to urge drivers take it slower on wet roads.

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