'Artists Die Best in Black' has world premiere at Saenger

'Artists Die Best in Black' has world premiere at Saenger

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Saenger Theater rolled out the red carpet Sunday for the premiere of "Artists Die Best in Black", based on the novel by Martha Mabey and shot entirely on the Coast.

Excited fans were at the booth before the doors opened.

"The book is written by a lady in Mississippi, about Mississippi and filmed in Mississippi so it sounds like three good reasons to be out," said Tracy Hart of Ocean Springs.

It wasn't long before the crowd came through in style. Producer Mark Headley says it was hard, but worth the effort.

"Two hours and a bag of popcorn is two years out of my life," Headley said. "Making a film has every artistic aspect involved with it and also every business aspect so it's very complicated and it's a challenge."

Paul Bonge was the executive producer of the film.

"It seemed like a fun project to be invested in and bring a little bit more notoriety to the Gulf Coast," Bonge said. "I think it's a beautiful place and a great place to shoot films."

John and Ann Zdansky were investors in the film.

"We made a long trip coming down here from Texas," John said. "So we're excited to see a great movie, and wish it a lot of success in the future."

Shooting began in 2013 for the movie, which has been described as a Gothic murder mystery. It stars Malcolm McDowell, who made a name for himself in the films "A Clockwork Orange" and "Star Trek Generations." The film was directed by Price Hall and Francisco Gonzalez was the director of photography.

Headley said a distributor will be taking the film to the American Film Market in November and the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The premiere was a nice moment for those who love the Coast.

"I've been working a long time with the city of Biloxi and the downtown area," said Ed Shambra of Biloxi. "This is a great event, we're really happy to see all these people gathered at the Saenger and we hope to see more of this in the future."

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