Meeting set to discuss Brickyard Bayou watershed

Meeting set to discuss Brickyard Bayou watershed

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Several areas throughout Gulfport could soon be seeing a decline in watershed problems.

A study was recently conducted on the Brickyard Bayou area from Long Beach to Gulfport. The City of Gulfport hired consulting engineers from Brown, Mitchell and Alexander, Incorporated to conduct the study.

"It showed that there are a lot of drainage improvements that can be made from 8th Avenue upstream to the city of Long Beach," said president of the firm, Dax Alexander.

According to Alexander, the project will be completed in phases. Each phase will require a significant amount of work and money. Phase one of the project could cost around $5 million.

To make sure everything is done with the public in mind, the firm invited residents to a town hall meeting to discuss the issues.

"A lot of people have pretty severe drainage problems when it rains pretty heavy," said Alexander.

Part of the discussion to be included in a follow-up meeting will be focused on easement acquisitions. The engineering firm plans to clear out brush through a section of the bayou, and needs 30 property easements to do so.

That's something that property owners like Norman White are wanting to hear more in the future.

"If it's to better the erosion and keep flooding down, I'm all for it," said White.

Brickyard Bayou runs right behind White's property, where he's seen issues for years. He hopes the problems will be resolved soon.

"It definitely needs to be cleared out. It would be beneficial for the whole area right here," said White.

The follow up meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 26 at 4 p.m. at New Jerusalem Baptist Church on 23rd Avenue in Gulfport.

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