Issues between mayor and council in Bay St. Louis may just be the tip of iceberg

Issues between mayor and council in Bay St. Louis may just be the tip of iceberg

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The Bay St. Louis City Council got its way Thursday night.

It demanded and received access to original vendor invoices that made it easier, members say, to review.

The council approved nearly $426,000 in vendor fees that had been backed up since October 6.

But it could be the just tip of the iceberg between the members and the mayor.

Mayor Les Fillingame says it's a waste of money when the docket has everything the council needs.

"If they had a question on the docket when they get it on Friday, call," he said. "And if you need a copy of the invoice that you have an issue with, we'll provide that, and that was just an attempt to spare us the time and the cost of duplicating everything."

But that's not the end. He surprised everyone earlier this week when he said he would move the council headquarters from the conference center into City Hall to save money and hopefully create better communication.

"I have really become aware of how many communication issues there are with there being two separate roofs we operate under," he said. "Cities our size typically have everybody in City Hall."

Fillingame said that the move of the city council headquarters, including staff, could be done in just a few weeks.

He said the meetings would be still be at the conference center.

And even though Fillingame said he has the authority to make the move, the council didn't like it.

"We've got grass that needs to be cut," said Ward 5 Councilman Joey Boudin, who wanted to have a workshop to discuss how the city will save money by moving the council. "We've got so much stuff out there, every time we turn around we don't have time to fix this, we don't have time to do that but we've got time to move something that's not broke."

So, what did they do? The council passed a motion that expressed its wishes to stay where they are.

It's just another slap in the face for the mayor this week.

"I would categorize it as very unnecessary, to be honest with you," he said. "It gets to the point that you run out of cheeks to turn."

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