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Group Says Small Condos Fit In With Long Beach

The seven story Gulf Gardens will go up on the site of an old hotel at West Avenue and Highway 90 in Long Beach.

"We support this. We're in favor of it and it will also bring in a lot of tax money for the city of Long Beach," says Civic Association Member Dr. Patrick Pierce.

He and fellow association member, Joe DeFazio, say there's no arguing Long Beach needs more tax dollars. But DeFazio says there are 37 acres available to develop, and the tax money doesn't have to come from tall buildings.

"We don't need to go 16 stories and build skyscrapers, mini-skyscrapers in our city. This, developments like this beautiful place here, will generate the tax dollars. A billion dollars, like I said, if all 37 acres are developed."

The two men like Grand Gulf's height and the developer's plan to build among the stately oak trees.

Pierce says, "This fits what we wanted. Also, this developer is claiming that he is going to preserve 55 of these beautiful oak trees. So a project like this can only be a plus for Long Beach."

DeFazio adds, "The tax dollars that are gonna be generated by this site are indicative of what we've been saying all along since day one that this city needs tax revenues but we also need sane construction for increasing the tax base."

Meanwhile, the association's appeal to keep high rises out is pending against the city and the group is still petitioning the city for the right on a high rise zoning ordinance.

In January, Long Beach aldermen approved a maximum height of 180 feet for condominiums. The civic association, in its appeal, argues that violates state statute because it allows different requirements in different zones.

byMarcia Hill

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