Pascagoula tributaries under scrutiny

Pascagoula tributaries under scrutiny

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - An $80 million plan to dam spillways on two tributaries to the Pascagoula River is under scrutiny.

Following a hearing Wednesday, Sen. Brice Wiggins said the proposal listed on the permit application for the project is not accurate. Wiggins said the applicants for the project are saying it is necessary for drought control and for industrial water supply.

"That is not what I have heard through my investigation or what the science from what people are telling me in this case," Wiggins said. "In short, it is not a priority for industrial partners Chevron and the Port of Pascagoula. There's a lot of people, including scientist, saying it's not necessary, that there is no drought on the river and those are the two things that the application is stating why the Lake George is needed."

The applicants are seeking BP money to help pay for the project.

Wiggins said the DMR and MDEQ will make the decisions on the permitting process.

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