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Moss Point Firefighters Install Free Smoke Detectors For Residents

A fire alarm is a sound you hope to never hear. But if flames and smoke engulf your home, hearing that beep, could save your life.

Moss Point firefighter Windal Stacey and his crew visited many homes like Barbara Nelson's Friday.

"That has a brand new battery. We recommend that you change it twice a year," Stacey told Nelson.

Nelson, like many others, already has some form of smoke detection, but she says one more could mean the world in the case of a fire.

"That helped me out a lot. Now both ends of the house are covered," Nelson said.

Vanessa Gibson is director of a local headstart program. She says it's important to get smoke alarms into homes with children.

The hope is to prevent tragedies like the 2002 fatal fire in Tchula that clamied the lives of six children. When the fire occurred, not only were parents not around, officials say the home had no smoke detector either.

"As a result, headstart went out and got a grant so that we would be able to install these smoke detectors in parent's homes of the children that we serve," Gibson said.

Gibson says everyone should have at least one in their home.

"We know it will save lives."

Installing a smoke detector in your home can be relatively cheap and easy. Most detectors come with their own screws and batteries. You can attach them to any wall in your home in just a few minutes. The best part is, you can find them almost anywhere for under $10.

"They're all inexpensive. For a few dollars, it's worth saving a life," Stacey said.  

By Jaimee Goad

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