Biloxi police report outlines events that may have led to fatal shooting

Biloxi police report outlines events that may have led to fatal shooting

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It started as a fist fight that ended in a fatal shooting. A Biloxi Police Department report reveals new information about a crime last month that led to a Biloxi teen being charged with murder. WLOX obtained a copy of the legal documents on file with the Harrison County prosecutor's office. The report explains the circumstances that may have caused Treylan Hunter to allegedly grab a gun and shoot his mother's boyfriend.

The call came in at 6:51 p.m. from a house on Auguste Court in East Biloxi. According to the Biloxi Police report, a panicked Desiree Lindsey handed the phone to her 15-year old son, who told police his mother's boyfriend had been shot. The report said Lindsey's other son, 16-year old Treylan Hunter, then got on the phone and admitted "He just shot Jeremy Lowery in the face".

"When they told me what had happened, who did it, it came as a shock, because that was not something you would expect to see," said Margie Canady.
Canady often visits her mom, who lives right next door to Treylan's family. Canady describes them as a quiet family.

"They didn't cause a lot of commotions and I had never seen the cops over there before," said Canady.

But that changed on September 29. The police report said Lindsey told investigators she and Lowery started fighting inside the house, and continued hitting each other in the backyard. She said that's when Treylan "went upstairs and got a rifle to intervene in the fight because Lowery was assaulting her." The report noted that Treylan then went out back and told Lowery to stop hurting his mother.

"He's a very polite young man. He's well mannered and he seems very responsible, because he takes care of his brothers and sisters and so forth. So I can understand him being protective of his mother, being the oldest child," said Canady.

The report said Treylan later admitted to investigators of "going to find the gun, loading it and shooting Lowery in the face one time, because he was tired of him."

"It's sad. It's really sad that a family relationship will go so array. Things just got out of control, and as a mother, I wouldn't expect any less of my children to want to protect me," said Canady.

Police say 32-year-old Jeremy Lowery died at the hospital. Treylan Hunter is out on bond. We're told his case will be presented to a grand jury, but we haven't been told when.

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