Community in shock day after massive interstate accident

Community in shock day after massive interstate accident

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - A massive accident killed one and shut down the interstate overnight in Diamondhead. Tuesday morning, it was still very evident at the Diamondhead exit on I-10 that something horrific happened just hours before.

As interstate traffic was free to flow once again at the Diamondhead exit, remnants of the horrifying pile-up could still be seen. Diamondhead resident Larry Dedeaux saw the accident as it was unfolding the night before, and was amazed to see what was left in the morning light.

"I just came by to see the crash scene and see how it looked," said Dedeaux.

Seeing the aftermath up close, Dedeaux couldn't help but think about the chaos that filled this section of interstate hours before.

"I saw all this smoke and fire down here and I saw all these trucks and I said, 'That is bad, that is bad,'" said Dedeaux.

It was bad enough to shut down the eastbound lanes. The three 18-wheeler pileup killed one of the truck drivers and sent the other two to the hospital.

News of a fatality is something that Hancock County Sheriff Chief Deputy Don Bass never wants to hear. He remembered the moments after he arrived on the scene.

"It's horrible to see vehicles that large. And then, of course, your mind's wondering are there any other vehicles involved? Could there be a car under these big trucks, you know? That's the first thing you think about," said Bass.

And then, Bass said, the priorities are getting those injured to safety. This particular accident required the help of several different agencies from the surrounding communities. Bass said one of the biggest jobs was transporting the hazardous material from one of the trailers into another trailer and off the premises.

"The fire department did a fantastic job. Or the fire departments, I should say," said Bass.

Fire departments from Diamondhead, Hancock, and Harrison Counties. The Highway Patrol also worked the accident with the Diamondhead Police.

For Chief Bass, it's a situation that serves as a reminder of how quickly things can change on the roads.

"As I say, it's like driving a motorcycle. Just look ahead when you're driving," said Bass.

According to the Highway Patrol, this accident will likely be under investigation for a while.

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