Report: Biloxi teen said he was defending mother in fatal shooting

Report: Biloxi teen said he was defending mother in fatal shooting

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a Tuesday night near Biloxi's back bay. The sun had just disappeared over the western horizon. The peace and serenity of that Sept. 29 evening suddenly got interrupted by screams, punches and one gunshot.

According to a Biloxi Police Department report on file with Harrison County's prosecuting attorney, the fight involved Jeremy Lowery and Desiree Lindsey. That report says the man and woman were inside a home at 337 A Augusta Court "having a fight inside the residence which later led out back of the residence." Lindsey told police she and Lowery were hitting each other during this fist fight.

Moments later, Lindsey called Biloxi police. The report said the woman was in a panic, so she handed the phone to her 15-year-old son. During that call, he reportedly told police Lowery had just been shot in the face.

Who was the shooter? According to the underlying facts collected by Biloxi investigators, Lindsey's other son, 16 year-old Treylan Hunter, fired a gun at Lowery. According to witness accounts at the scene, Treylan grabbed a rifle and shot the man allegedly assaulting his mom.

The police document says the teen got on the phone during that initial call and admitted, "He just shot Jeremy Lowery in the face."

When investigators arrived, they found Lowery with a gunshot wound. A short time later, he died at Merit Health Biloxi from that bullet.

The police report says investigators talked with Lindsey to learn details about what led to the shooting. She told police that sometime during the fight, her older son "went upstairs and got a rifle to intervene in the fight because Lowery was assaulting her." She remembered the teen telling Lowery to stop hurting his mother. Sometime after that, she told police, Treylan "shot Lowery one time in the face with the rifle."

When interviewed by a Biloxi investigator, the report says the 16-year-old "admitted to going to find the gun, loading it and shooting Lowery in the face one time because he was tired of him."

Treylan appeared in court the next day for an initial appearance on a murder charge. His bond was set at $100,000.

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