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Concerns Are Voiced On Proposed LNG Terminal

The Chevron Texaco Pascagoula Refinery hosted its first informational open house Thursday evening on a proposed LNG import terminal.

Community members showed up to voice their concerns about their safety and the safety of their environment.

"What's moving into my area where my neighbors live and I live? And what concerns me the most is how are they gonna contain the gas and everything like that because we had an explosion before and it shook my house," said Bayou Casotte resident Dane Crenshaw.

"This is another major industry along our Gulf Coast, which is already flooded with industry here," said Sierra Club member Brenda Songy.

"We all are very concerned about our Gulf of Mexico, you know, and what kind of environmental condition we leave it in when we put in a facility like this," said Don McKee.

Chevron officials are considering constructing a land-based LNG import terminal, where imported liquefied natural gas would be brought to the proposed Bayou Casotte facility.

The gas would be heated and placed into local pipelines as well as distributed nationwide.

"The price of natural gas is influenced by the supply and demand, so if we bring an additional supply of natural gas into the country, that's gonna help stabilize the price of natural gas and help drive economic development," said Chevron Texaco Pascagoula Refinery representative Steve Renfroe.

Those in attendance said they believe many of their questions and concerns were answered.

However, one city official says she doesn't think the issue is finished.

" From what I've seen and the cooperation we've got, it looks good...but there's always a question," said ward 2 councilwoman Bebe Sutherland.

By Karla Redditte

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