Supporters of New Flag Design Hold A Rally in Biloxi

As the vote on whether to change Mississippi's flag gets closer, the argument on both sides get louder. On Sunday night politicians, clergymen and community members gathered at a Biloxi church to rally for the new flag design. Supporters of the new flag design say it's time to change what is wrong with Mississippi.

"We are the only state in the union that has an emblem of the enemy of United States as part of our state flag," radio personality Judy Whitfield said."There's something wrong with that."

Community leaders told the crowd they are confident voters will support that change on Tuesday. Although the rally was small in number, organizers say they believe the people will go to the polls.

"In talking with people here along the Gulf Coast, they are people who have indicated that they will get out to vote," Biloxi NAACP President James Crowell said. "I think we are going to have a large turnout on Tuesday."

State Representative Robert Clark said "We've got enough people in Mississippi in my opinion, black and white, that ares going to the polls on Tuesday. We're going to let the world know that we are a new Mississippi and we have put the old Mississippi behind us."

Supporters of the 1894 flag say it represents heritage but those at the rally say the state needs a flag that will represent everyone and not a select few.

Supervisor William Martin said "That Battle flag is more that Southern Heritage. That Battle Flag is the K.K.K. That Battle flag is White Supremacy. That battle flag is racism and that Battle Flag is a slap in my face. "

The statewide flag election has drawn international attention. A television crew from the British Broadcasting Corporation showed up to cover the rally.

by Danielle Thomas