OS teachers awarded for use of classroom technology

OS teachers awarded for use of classroom technology
Teachers were presented with awards for their use of innovative classroom technology as part of the MTC program. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

Thirty-seven educators were recognized on Tuesday by the Ocean Springs School Board for their use of innovative technology in the classroom.

The awards were presented as part of Model Technology Classroom, a one-year program that encourages teachers to use technology to increase student learning, parent communication, and collaboration with colleagues.

All of the K-12 schools in Ocean Springs Schools District are participating in the MTC program this year.

Educators are encouraged to submit web pages, videos, and electronic posters that are made in class by students. They also send home newsletters and positive emails to parents frequently. A strong emphasis on peer collaboration amongst students is another big component of the MTC curriculum.

Teachers receiving this award for the first time are presented with a certificate and banner, while gold stars are given out to those who have previously been recognized.

Twelve of the 37 teachers received a second gold star, making this the third time they have been recognized since the program’s inception three years ago.

 “We are extremely proud of our educators for taking the initiative for professional growth,” said Mary Rodgers, the school health coordinator for Ocean Spring School District. “Programs like MTC have a ripple effect on student achievement and school climate. It is a win for everyone.”

The school district hopes that programs like this will inspire more teachers to increase student interest in technology.

The MTC curriculum is also supported by M-STAR, an evaluation process developed by the Mississippi Department of Education to improve the professional performance of all educators in the state based on a number of criteria.

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