Stone Co. student threatens to shoot school bullies

Stone Co. student threatens to shoot school bullies

WIGGINS, MS (WLOX) - Excitement over Stone County High School's homecoming week quickly turned to fear Thursday morning when a student threatened to shoot his classmates.

According to Sheriff Mike Farmer, the verbal threat was issued during first period after the young man became upset with other students who had been bullying him.

School officials and local law enforcement were notified and put on high alert once the threat was reported.

The Wiggins high school has two full-time school resource officers. Capt. William Head is assigned to the high school and was on duty when the threats were made.

"After it was investigated, there was no validity to it," said Capt. Head. "The young man had no access to weapons of any kind, and no weapons were ever brought on campus. We just stepped up security as a precautionary measure."

Reports of the threat quickly rippled through the small community of Wiggins, causing panic and fear among many parents.

Capt. Head spent the remainder of the morning reassuring parents that the actions taken by the school were only a security measure and that their children were safe.

While most of the students stayed in school for the remainder of the day, one parent rushed to check her kids out for safety's sake.

"Yes, I'm checking out my kids," said Debra Johnson, "Because I'm afraid!"

Johnson said she fears for the young man who made the threat, as well as for her own kids.

"I feel sorry for the kid," said Johnson. "You pick on students and they feel like they're going to retaliate."

Dr. Gwen Miller, the superintendent for Stone County School District, said, the school's policy and procedures were followed as soon as the administration was made aware of the threat.

"We know that parents are concerned. We are always concerned too. Because safety is our number one priority for students on campus," said Dr. Miller.

The sheriff's department said there were no arrests made as a result of the incident. As for any disciplinary action against the student, the superintendent could not comment on that, citing privacy concerns.

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