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Addicted To Meth

At the Home of Grace in Vancleave, there is treatment for all kinds of addictions. Tracy Powell and Rodney Williams have sat in such classes like this, trying to conquer their own dependence on methamphetamine .

"They take the drugs away and replace it with God," Powell says.

Powell is in the 10th week of a 13 week recovery. The Alabama native is trying to kick meth for a third time. 

"I was ridin' around with my best friend and his girlfriend and I got to thinkin' that they was talkin' about settin' me up and I jumped outta the vehicle. It was runnin' about 45 and I thought they was settin' me up, they had me so paranoid."

"Setting  you up for what?" reporter Marcia Hill asked.

"To get busted. Really they wasn't, it was just the drug had me thinkin' that."

Rodney Williams abused drugs for 20 years. Three years ago while cooking meth, he had a near brush with death. 

"I'd been on it a long time and the paranoia had ruled. A spark got ignited and I got blown up. I was on fire and the trailer I was in was on fire, and I ran outside on fire and was burned," he says.

That's when he knew he had to change his life. 

"On the way to the hospital, I made a commitment to the Lord. I said, "Lord, you can take my ear, my eye, anything I've got what's left, I'm gonna serve you."

Williams completed his treatment. He is now a preacher who shares his story of his drug filled life in a new book. Both men say meth is not the choice to make and they point to their own mistakes as proof of the drug's addictiveness.

There are 100 people enrolled in the substance abuse program at the Home of Grace . The program director says they have a 50% success rate.

byMarcia Hill

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