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Northrop Grumman Shooting Victim Dies

It's the news everyone feared would come after gunfire erupted at Northrop Grumman eleven days ago. Thursday afternoon, one of the two men shot February 21st died.

Donald 'Bubba' Eddins, 53, never recovered from damage done by two bullets that struck him.

The people at Northrop Grumman shipyard called Don Eddins a friend and a valued coworker. His death leaves a huge void for his family and shipyard coworkers.

It also leaves more unanswered questions about the man charged in the shooting.

Don Eddins worked at Ingalls/Northrop Grumman for 25 years. The man charged with shooting Eddins and another co-worker, Ben Gaffney, worked at the shipyard almost as long.

According to witnesses, Alexander Lett was unhappy because he wanted to transfer out of the quality assurance department.

That Monday morning, police say Lett brought a gun to work, lost his temper during a meeting, and began firing.

Eddins was shot once in the leg and once in the back. It was that second shot that did most damage, and ultimately claimed Don Eddins' life.

After Alexander Lett was arrested, he told a relative he was praying for the victims.

A judge ordered Lett to stay in jail as Eddins fought for his life. Now, there's little chance Lett will be granted bond.

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