1894 Flag Supporters Optimistic It Will Prevail On Tuesday

In two days, Mississippians will decide if they want the Confederate Battle emblem to remain apart of the state flag. A group supporting the current state flag has set up a display in Biloxi almost every weekend since the controversy over the flag began. They say the 1894 flag is a reminder of the freedoms for which their ancestors fought, and they are hopeful that it will prevail in Tuesday's statewide election. Group members say they aren't buying the opposition's argument that the state flag has hurt the state financially.

"It hasn't really hurt the economy because Ingalls came here," 1894 flag supporter John Wright said. "Nissan's coming here, and casinos [came here] all under this flag."

Jim Wright agreed. "Well, it's a matter of principle, and it seems like the opposition made it a matter of economics. I think principle is not for sale, and I think the people of Mississippi will see that."

Voters will decide Tuesday April 17th.