Mock accident teaches high school students consequences of driving drunk

Mock accident teaches high school students consequences of driving drunk

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - During this Homecoming Week, Moss Point High School is reminding students about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving.  On Tuesday, the school put on a mock accident scene so students could see what can happen if they make bad choices behind the wheel.

It wasn't a real accident, but it felt very real for Moss Point High students.

"It was hard to watch," said Michael Roy, a senior. "To see the people lying on the ground. And see the ambulance coming. It put a lot of fear in people."

Courtney Thompson is also a high school senior. Thompson said, "Imagining even one of my close friends dragged off in a body bag just didn't settle right with me."

The simulation brought together first responders and many others in the community to teach high school juniors and seniors about the consequences of drinking and driving. Especially during Homecoming Week, school officials say they need parents to reinforce this message.

Moss Point School District Chief Troy Brown said, "We can only do so much at school. That's the reason it's so important to have that parental involvement. One hundred percent. We want the parents involved. We want them to see what we're doing and we want them to sit down with their children one on one and say look this is so important. Don't drink at all period but especially don't drink and drive."

Students said while they've heard a lot of about the dangers of driving drunk, watching this made a much more lasting impression. .

"Talking. Some people might not pay attention to it but actually seeing it now they know that it's serious," said Roy.

Thompson added, "It's really different seeing your classmates picked up in a hearse and taken away than saying 'Hey, don't do it."

School officials said they don't want to see what should be a time of celebration end in tragedy.

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