Another Beach Closed

In less than one week's time, the coast has seen four sections of beach closed because of high levels of bacteria in the water. Three in Biloxi closed earlier in the week, and now one in Gulfport has a local business manager looking for answers. Bob Carlisle is the manger at a hotel located just across the highway from the closed section and says, "It's a very negative situation and it will cost us some business."

Bobby Weaver is the Director of the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority and says, "They had some high levels of readings that were a potential health risk, so they asked that we close off a segment of the water."

Carlisle says that a stream of water that runs underneath the resort hotel may have something to do with this section of beach having high levels of bacteria. And it could be because it runs right into a big drainage shaft that flows right through the middle of the closed section of beach.

Bob Carlisle says, "Lots of it is these little streams that drain into the drainage system and then on into the Sound."

Bobby Weaver says, "I guess it's possible you know last year at this particular location we had like a six week period that the beach was closed, and that could be something, you get a lot of seepage from old septic tanks getting into the drain lines and then this hot weather we have stagnant water tends to grow this bacteria and then a good rain flushes it out into the Sound."

While some folks did enjoy the sand part of the beach in the closed section, some tenants who stay across the street at Carlisle's hotel aren't so brave.

Carlisle says, "They're very negative to it some of them are scared to even walk on the beach."

Weaver adds, "This is just particularly the water area that we're having the polluting problem, the sand is perfectly fine we encourage everybody to come down and enjoy themselves at the beach just in these few locations, if they want to venture out into the water maybe find a location east or west of these closed areas."